« How can we evolve and keep creating while finding solutions to preserve and protect our environment ? »


CAME Studio®'s project is to create a brand that inspires the possibility of consuming our clothes in another way: a circular, greener consumption, in adequation with today's world.

By categorizing a garment in a gendered way, we limit the different possible interpretations, which by extension leads to a dilution of self-assertion and the uniqueness of each one of us. CAME's job is to remove these constraints from its creating process, and to showcase the strengths of unique pieces, produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

The CAME® brand is part of an approach aimed at standardizing the use of the upcycling technique for the creation of new clothes, without producing more textile materials. This production technique aims to enhance and put back on the market textiles considered "at the end of their life" by the consumer. A huge part of the clothes that we throw away when they are punctured, stained, too small, or when they no longer please us (except those in good enough condition to be redistributed in second-hand stores) are sent abroad, either to serve as thermal insulation, or intended to serve the second-hand market in countries in Africa and Asia; countries that do not have the necessary infrastructure to process and store the tonnes of textiles sent each year.

By limiting the mass of clothing considered as “waste”, and sent to other countries, we reduce the overall pollution caused by these textiles which are, for the most part, non-recycled, and left abandoned for years in open dumps, or mass burned, with high CO2 emissions into the air.

Reuse used and discarded textiles and clothing, not intended to be recycled, to limit waste and create a unique and new kind of pieces, in an ethical and durable way.